The Best Ways to Make Your Penis Bigger

As we know, every man wants to have bigger penis in order to feel good. Nowadays the science is developing more and more and scientists try to find innovative and better methods for penis enlargement. Of course, until this day there are many methods and different opinions about them. Here are some of the most popular ways of enlargement of the penis.

We will begin with the plastic surgery. It is not the best method for penis enlargement but there are enthusiasts that undergo it. The main disadvantage of the surgery is that it is very expensive and painful. The surgeons can never give you the right answer if you will have results or not. The worst thing is that your penis may be damaged during this surgery and the process is irreversible.

Another, commonly used method for penis enlargement is the use of pills. The adverts on the TV and the notes on the packages of such pills look very attractive. But such tablets show either little or no effect. It is not necessary to give so much money and then to see that there is no effect. The worst thing is that the pills can have side effects and can even cause allergy.

One of the most popular devices for penis enlargement is the vacuum pump. Its advertisements can be seen in every site for sex, sex magazines, sex shops, etc. There is definitely some chance to have effect after using such pump, but there is also a possibility to loosen the penis, which is not pleasant at all.

Many people still use the old method with the use of pressure on their penises. The results come very slow and there can be pain during the performance of such exercises. They can even be dangerous.

According to many experts the most effective and safer way to extend your penis is by using penis extender. There is a type of penis extender that is really very effective and its name is Jes-Extender. This device uses a method with traction that stimulates the division of the cells and thus enlarges the penis absolutely naturally. It is made of lightweight material and is very flexible, thus it cannot damage your penis. Many men all over the world have used Jes Extender and confirm its effect. According to the experts, you will see the first results after the second week of use. And if you regularly use the extender with the appropriate traction, after six months you will see the wonderful effect.

It is not necessary to try all the methods of penis enlargement in order to achieve the desired effect. You are advised to consult your doctor before you start using any device or pills. The choice is yours.