Ways of Building Big Traps

When it comes to the question of how to build big traps you have mainly two things in mind, dead lifts and power builders. Dead lift is an incredible mass builder which packs huge slabs of beef on your traps. The dead lift is supposed to be the king of trap building exercises. It is also argued that the Olympic lifts are equally effective as the dead lifts. The fact is that Olympic lifts are harder to teach and learn than dead lifts.

You have another movement called shrugs which is a very simple and straight forward movement. There is a big confusion on how you can build big traps with shrugs as no body agrees on how they should be done. Some people say that you need to do as heavy as you can and do partial reps. But some people say that you should do light and get a full range of motion. You should try to get your shoulders as close as possible to touch your ear and hold it for a second.

You can see that all these things are so confusing so you can't tell which way is right to follow. To get this answer we have to compare two things: Power lifters and Olympic lifters.

Power lifters have enormous traps because of their dead lifts. Dead lifts are heavy period. Olympic lifters lift relatively lighter weights explosively. So the best way to get huge traps is to do Dead lift and Olympic lift.

But if you can't do either of those exercises due to back or shoulder problems then you have no other choice but to shrug. Traps are the most vital, frightening and impressive body part. Now the question is how to do shrugs. Sometimes you should do heavy for low reps, cheat the weight up and not worry about getting an extreme contraction at the top and sometimes you should do lighter for higher reps with a complete range of motion and exaggerated contraction.

One other option is to do both variants in one workout. You can start with a lighter weight, doing 10-12 reps, with each set add more weight and work more. You can also start with the heavier sets first and lighten them as you go further. Your answer should be always Dead lifts and Olympic lifts in reply to the question of how to build big traps.